World Wings Overseas

White Collar requirements Engineering & Sales Sector

Huge number of requirements are released each and every year in Gulf Countries. We provide the well deserved candidate profiles to the companies for the selection and further processing of files.

These requirements are as follows

  1. Civil Engineers
  2. Mechanical Engineers
  3. Electrical Engineers
  4. Structural Engineers
  5. Production In charge
  6. Sales Executives (FMCG) Min 3 years exp
  7. Digital Marketing Executives
  8. Automobile Technicians
  9. Machine Operators
  10. Sales Executives Outdoor
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Skilled & Unskilled Workers Required all kind of labours

There is an enormous amount of labors required in Gulf countries for the whole year. We require the following labors 

  1. Mason
  2. Steel Fixer
  3. Shuttering Carpenter
  4. Finishing Carpenter
  5. Wall Painter
  6. Gypsum Carpenter
  7. Aluminium Technician
  8. Scaffolder
  9. Plumber
  10. Electrician

Requirement for specialist category

There are requirements available for this specialist category all the time in Gulf Countries.The following requirements are

1. Welder (3G, 6G, Arc, Mig & Tig Welders)

2. Drivers (Bus, Heavy Truck, Pick Up & Car)

3. Forklift Operator, Shovel Operator

4. CNC Machine Operator